Steven L. Jackson: Principal / Founder

Mr. Jackson founded WaterMark in 1998, then incorporated in 2002, and is actively involved in all phases of the practice including marketing, client relations, project design, estimating, and construction oversight.

Throughout his professional and collegiate career, Mr. Jackson has been able to refine his design skills, and project-business management abilities, and has evolved to become a talented professional in architectural design and construction. With significant projects completed in both the public and private sectors with several Dallas area design firms, as well as WaterMark, Mr. Jackson has been able to combine his artistic talents and technical skills to complete a successful body of work.

His success is well documented in a broad range of project types that include commercial, municipal, religious, business interiors, education, childcare, retail, planning, accessibility, as well as new custom residential, additions, and remodels. As Principal of WaterMark, he has been effective at implementing best project management practices, while creating successful design solutions for each client.

Mr. Jackson implements his understanding of design theory, while remaining cognizant of “real world” issues, budget constraints, and the economics involved in the development of the built environment. He continuously refines his methodology and approach to the “process of architecture” through the use of all mediums in order to better delineate and communicate architectural ideas to his clients.

Maintaining quality continuing education and professional development is a crucial element to the success of his family life and professional career. Further education and training is an invaluable tool that provides a competitive edge. Due to his commitment to personal progress, exploring new opportunities, and self-improvement, Mr. Jackson has been able to achieve exposure to a great variety of project types.

Mr. Jackson’s accomplishments have allowed him to extend his professional services across a broad platform of building types, which has helped shape him to become more “rounded”, better educated, and enjoy a greater experience as a professional in the field of design-build.



Bachelor of Architecture – Architecture Design & Theory, University of Kentucky

Certified Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS #0132), The Texas Accessibility Standards Academy

Certified Green Professional (CGP), NAHBA – HBA Greater Dallas

Certified Graduate Builder (CGB), NAHBA – HBA Greater Dallas

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), NAHBA – HBA Greater Dallas



Habitat for Humanity

Accessibility Professionals Association