What’s IN and What’s OUT for 2012…


There’s a cultural shift now from the “conspicuous consumption” to the desire for enduring practicality, efficiency and functionality. While the descritption of today’s home buyer is much greater than a simple Blog can handle, in short, today’s buyer has learned to become more frugal due to the economic downturn, witnessing the struggles of others, etc. They are applying economic realities and lessons learned from previously owned homes, and are now out to build their new homes “Smarter”. It’s no longer about keeping up with the Joneses, but rather out-smarting the Joneses by attacking energy costs and reducing wasted space.

WHAT’S IN?: Energy & Space Efficiency

WHAT’S OUT?: Soaring Cathedral Ceilings

Buyers increasingly prefer warm, functional spaces versus the cold, austere, and inefficient two-story “show-offs”. Double story entrance foyers, dual staircases, and gratuitous volume spaces are now passé. Homeowners are increasingly tired of facing expensive heating and cooling bills. They want efficient homes, more control with the use of smart A/C systems, as well as value with functional living spaces on all floors. This demand allows for the potential inclusion of an extra bedroom or bathroom, which adds “VALUE” when it’s time to sell the home.

WHAT’S IN?: Additional Storage and Larger Closets

WHAT’S OUT?: Dedicated Offices

Today’s storage rooms or “drop zones” are larger versions of Mudrooms, with organized space for everything from coats and boots, backpacks and mail. “Cubbies” for the kids allow them to feel independant, as well as having a place they can call their own for their stuff. Parents love them because it provides organization and teaches responsibility. Spaces like Mudrooms are customizable to meet the needs of the entire family, whether the priority is getting kids ready for school, storing work-related equipment, or providing a dedicated hang out space for the family pet.

Today, getting axed is the need of a dedicated office. With the advancement in today’s computing and communication technology, dedicated offices are no longer necessary. With increased Wi-Fi internet and printing capabilities, the increased mobility offered by shrinking laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices prove to buyers that dedicated physical spaces are no longer needed to perform these functions. Now they can relax and do thier work or digital entertainment out on the back porch while the kids play in the yard. Homeowners today demand efficient, flexible, multi-use “Smart Homes”.

WHAT’S IN: Integrated, Open Gathering Areas

WHAT’S OUT: Separate Formal Living and Dining Areas

Expensively decorated, barely-used formal rooms are now the antithesis of today’s pragmatic design concepts. Integrated areas for everyday living and casual entertaining, with the kitchen as the central hub, are now the new norm.

In lieu of the wasted formal living and dining rooms, and two-story foyer entries, buyers often want slightly higher ceilings in the central living and entertaining areas in order to allow spatial comfort and efficiency. Nine to Ten foot high ceilings are the new standard in the family living and gathering areas. Eleven foot and higher ceilings are now more often reserved for the limited need for formal dining rooms.

Pragmatism leads to lasting value and contentment… and fewer regrets.

More Trends you’ll see being in demand for 2012…


Outdoor Living and Entertainment Spaces
Jack & Jill Bathrooms
Game & Media Rooms
Dedicated Full-size Laundry Rooms


2nd Staircases
Faux Commercial Kitchens
High Volume Grandiose Entries
Inefficient pass-thru Laundry Rooms

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