How Can “Value” Be Defined?


As we navigate through the low points of our current economy, we have taken notice that many people have quickly turned to defining “value” as simply accepting the “lowest price” for their goods and services. For those who are ready to build new, or reinvest and undertake a remodel or addition, it seems that the “lowest price” has now become the benchmark in which to measure “best value”. It’s a trend that has quickly risen and become too commonplace throughout many markets.

Defining “best value” by way of simply choosing the “lowest price” over all else greatly diminishes and discounts the real values that will be gained from the education, training, licensing, and years of experience and service provided by design-build professionals.

Building new or remodeling an existing home is a significant financial investment. So, why then, would any owner trust that investment — both financially and the enjoyment they expect of it — to the lowest price and a limited definition of values?

WaterMark operates with a broader definition of value. We believe value includes a positive design-build experience for our owners from start to finish. We want our owners to obtain a great sense of confidence and pride about their project’s quality and craftsmanship. We want them to understand that true professionals in the industry were able to help bring their vision to fruition. Value consists of a high level of personal service and a commitment to maintaining a relationship built on mutual trust and respect, even well after the project’s completion date.

There are many builders and remodelers who continue to play the low-bid game. They narrowly define the value the owners are to receive by simply offering a stripped-down set of specifications, incomplete construction plans — or worse, none at all –… all this just to achieve a cut-rate price. The goal of the lowest bidder is to make the sale, then move on. There are too many horror stories to outline in this blog to convey the many disasters we have heard from owners who have had a bad experience after signing up with the lowest bid.

The sour after-taste of a poorly executed project lasts much longer than the initial sweetness of a low bid.

In order to define and deliver a higher level of value, consider the following:

Communication: As your professional design-build team, we listen and respond to your ambitions, vision, expectations for your project. While working closely with you to establish a realistic build budget, we help define the scope of work, outline your specific wants and needs, and ensure that the end result will exceed your expectations. As professionals in the industry, it’s our job to help educate you about the complexities of the design-build process, set realistic expectations and keep you informed about what happens — and why — as the project takes shape, and keep our clients informed about a job’s progress. No job is effortless. Challenges will surface. As such, it is our job to be proactive, and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner.

Efficiency: Our crews and job site managers follow an agreed-upon schedule and detailed list of specifications that we develop with each client. Materials for a project are ordered and delivered as needed. We manage and coordinate our trade partners and materials suppliers toward the common goal of meeting our company’s standards and our clients’ expectations.

Follow-Through: When a project is complete, we don’t disappear. We know that it is critical to our clients’ ultimate satisfaction that we continue effective communication while providing thorough and prompt service. When issues arise — and they can — we respond to those needs seamlessly and timely.

We believe our definition of value instills confidence and helps ensure client satisfaction. We respect that our clients’ entrust us to deliver a project that initially exists only on paper, and then created before their eyes. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, and it’s the cornerstone of what we value.

We hope that this information offers you greater insight, as well as the confidence needed to select a design-build professional that will deliver long term lasting value for your family.

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