Maximize your VALUE by minimizing your RISK of Going with the LOWEST BID


It’s been said, “The soured after-taste of a poorly executed project lasts much longer than the sweet taste of a low bid.” In this struggling economy, formally trained and qualified designers and builders understand the allure of a low bid being offered by lesser builders and remodelers. So, it’s very important to discern the overall price from the value you seek. Since most qualified builders pay about the same for quality products and services, what you get when you pay less is usually ‘less’. It may be less material or an inferior product. For example, if a builder says he is including sheathing between you and the outdoor elements, he probably is… but is he planning to install something like “T-Ply”?… a product that is nothing more than compressed cardboard. Sometimes it’s less labor, or even the use of sub-contractors with less or no formal training or experience.

Texas has no residential contractor licensing or industry regulations any longer. The TRCC has been sunsetted since September 2009. So, it’s up to you to do your homework. You’ll need to check levels of professionalism, experience, formal training, certifications, insurances, etc. Rank three of your top candidates and make your calls from the bottom up. Check each reference, and discuss their experience and training, your budget, how you envision the process, and the final outcome. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

We hope that these tips offer you the confidence to select a builder that will deliver lasting value and maximize your budget while minimizing your risks. We’d love to be on your short list.

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